Monday, December 10, 2012

TOEFL reading questions for students

The TOEFL reading examination gets regarding 60-100 minutes. You have self-control in certain 3-5 way for reading. Here is a summary of the questions asked in this part.

Reading questions

There are generally 10 special forms of questions in the TOEFL understanding part. They can be mostly separated into 3 kinds.

Category 1: Questions that review your considerate of English language

These questions are typically the first to emerge. Various of these questions analysis your perceptive of the connotation of a word. Regarding half of the whole questions in the understanding segment fit in to this group.

Category 2: Questions that judge your fundamental knowledge expertise

Regarding one-third of the questions in the comprehension fragment go to this type. They check your appreciative of the core idea of a opening and the skill to compose conclusion.

Category 3: Questions that assess your talent to read to study

You don’t have to explore for the demanding words or sentences that questions submit to as they are decorated in the course.

Mainly questions in the reading part are several selection questions with 4answer option. Several questions are of the pull n going down sort. In the drag-n-drop table achievement job, you will have to drag exact answer alternative by your mouse and drop them in their proper seats in the table. All many selection questions is importance 1 point. Drag-n-drop questions can be value 2 or 4 points.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

confirmed skill to get better your English vocabulary

English vocabulary by The Oxford has more than 250,000 words. To figure does not take in vernacular or methodological words. Sure you don’t have to be common by every of these words even if it would be pretty a exploit if you order to find out all of them. An excellent narrator knows about 15,000 to 20,000 words. If your glossary is weak, you can perk up it lacking a lot intricacy. Here are little guidelines to recover your English vocabulary.

Read widely

People who hold excellent terms read widely. If you are not in fact into narrative, you must judge reading the magazine. Compose it a each day habit. Don’t read immediately one segment of the paper. Read diverse editorial on every page. Prior to you know it, your words will progress.

Begin with the new words you have educated in your day-to-day talking and writing. By responsibility so you can guarantee that you will in no way overlook those words.

Use vocabulary cards

Compose words cards. They are pretty useful if you wish for to discover a great number of words in a little age of time. It is trouble-free to generate vocabulary cards. Obtain a little rectangle pieces of paper. On one part write the word and on the new surface write its meaning.

Make use of online resources

Make fine use of the reading resources accessible on the internet. The internet is an infinite resource of in a row. Pick up a subject of your awareness and search for editorial about it. Read the articles that illustrate up in the search outcome. If you come crosswise untried words appear them up.

Make utilize of online dictionaries. Profusion of dictionaries is at this time accessible online. utilize them to come across the connotation of unknown words.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Difficulty Regarding TOEFL Exam Centre

Do you continually imagine about  the exam Centre when you will be come out for your TOEFL exam. seeing as mainly of the students will be prepare to show for the test, I reflect it could be excellent to contribute information regarding Test Centers.

Multiple Exam pattering like GRE exam is entirely unusual as of giving a TOEFL exam. several centre’s for TOEFL are in fact excellent even as various of them are truly terrible. I will be generous a few guidelines on how to feel confident redundant state that may occur on the examination Day. lower are not many condition that you could meet although giving your TOEFL Exam.

1. Exam Start’s delayed: -

Normally this is the 1st state you will face up to once you will come into sight for the TOEFL test. The teams at there generally get time to begin by the exam, so you want to remain awaiting you are selected a computer for provide your test. Students in generally get very worried and tense up while coming up for there portion of the Computers, which can basis a pessimistic outcome while giving the TOEFL exam. My idea is to be cool and comfortable while coming up for Test. concern will be there amid all students, but the mode in which you feel that fretfulness issue. So still in relaxed and stop for your turn.

2. Apparatus don’t work correctly: -

Occasionally it may go on so that apparatus like speaker not perform correct. In that situation you can instantly lift up your hand and identify the hold team to get it replace. You have to do it instantly as these 2 things: the headset and the speaker, are actually vital for your exam.

3. Listening and Speaking Section: -

This is in actuality a dreadful for your exam. This is somewhere your tolerance and your attention gets tested. in general students who find the speaking segment speak a slight stridently, at times you may find students to be exactly noise on top of their accent in the speaking part while you will be performing your listening part. Carefully  focus on your listening component as overlook the echo that will be there. Because if you unsteady your awareness you will be in a big difficulty even as answer the questions. therefore my suggestion is very soon focus on the listening element and strive to let alone the noise of extra learner. You can criticize to the support personnel if you are in truth not proficient to focus but be cautious that you will be loosing your time there.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Be Attention about listening part of the TOEFL and IELTs tests

Be Careful even if you have an excellent memory, it is roughly impracticable to memorize all of the answer tip in a listen segment. As a result, get in the practice of enchanting vast class notes. Only exam is calculating your potential to categorize vital information and evoke it to response. Your recollection and your explanation are simply means to remember. Do not rely on your recall by yourself, mainly seeing as you may turn into supplementary effortlessly mystified with the tension of taking the test.

Furthermore, there are not any calculating facts that you may have educated ahead of the examination. If the listening part is a taster academia speech on history and you ensue to be real an professional in that ground, do not imagine greatly regarding what you previously recognize. Just snoop to the matter offer and take notes on it.

Classify. If you write remarkably along but then you can’t get the information over simply when I necessitate referencing it, I misuse time and will most likely suffer upset. remain your notes on single portion of paper.

The direction you prefer is similar to the proposal of your notes. It offer you a outline to pack in with information. It is akin to set hook in your clandestine, then lynching outfit on them. It is needed to prefer the right graphic planner; if not it could be approximately demanding to droop your work as needed.

it short. Practice will facilitate you to turn into well-known by the test you are concerning. struggle to imagine like a teacher: find out what sort of questions are regularly raise. Then you can take note or interpret for the main information to will respond those questions. be taught to listen or study for main question.

The mainly vital expertise to perform is how to note down main information speedily. Do not always write a complete sentence, or you will possibly overlook information that pursue. If you are not well-known by a word but it echo imperative, do you’re most excellent to curse it like it sounds. reduce words each time probable, for example:

If you turn into essentially fine at pleasing notes, you will most likely discover several of your hold code for note taking. only if you identify what you indicate, write what compose brains to you! visibly, be sure to write speedily except in order so that you can study your own lettering when it is moment to answer questions.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

English Skill for Apply matching structure with paired conjunction

The matching conjunctions both... and, either....or, neither...nor, and not only...however as well want equivalent structures.

I recognize mutually where you go and what you do.
Either score or charge has the book.
The coins are neither in my pocket nor in my purse.
He is not just an brilliant learner but as well an excellent athlete.

Both (same structure) and (same structure)
Either or
Neither nor
Not only but also

Apply parallel structure with similarity

When you compose a similarity, you point away the parallel or disparity among two things, and those connection or distinction should be in parallel form. You can know a judgment present how two effects are diverse from the er... than or the more...than.

My office is farther than your office.
To be wealthy is better than to be poor.
What is written is further simply understand than what is speak.

A connection viewing how two things are the equal may enclose as... as or terms such as the same or similar to.

His car is as large as small quarters.
Hiring those apartments’ costs regarding the same as leasing them.
The work that I did is similar to the work that you did.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Suggested movie for learning English

Several movies in which actors converse gradually and by plain accent.  Could be helpful for leaning English.

Essentially, increase one’s language talent is a very extensive thought; it must be finished in further than one technique at the equal time which is very much suggested. One can NOT turn into enhanced simply in one area, say, film watching, one should progress ability in every scope of the language.

Study language well necessitate mortal as energetic as probable and gathering the learning as enjoyable for oneself as potential. Attractive training is at all times vital, but regularly vital are these:

Listen/observe: stay listen in to internet radio programs, look at show in English exploit just subtitles, not tone dub for fear that you are not a local English speaker, etc.

Write down/talk: struggle to get chat forums as of the web as regards belongings that you get appealing and enjoyment song/different artists, hobbies, and begin speak there by new people via simply English. Set up with instant messaging method lest you locate several new friends or begin emailing them. Satisfy be scared of make oversight or uncertain, as yet native narrator do make fault and do waver at times! The extra you enjoy talk, the better

Purchase manually a correct dictionary, and all time while you notice a weird word that you make not know, seem to be it up. set words into their background is one of the top habits to expand one’s language and syntax awareness, the extra you read and write the superior. learn is not the finest technique to go by education vocabulary, grammar or several new language part For phrase, you should purchase an English dictionary which clarify the words in English and explain you model of how to exercise the vocabulary.

The key spot in every language education is to make it as enjoyable as probable for you. struggle to locate topics that concern you, study online newspapers listen in  BBC/NBC and new radio, if you get a debate forum for your beloved sideline or your icon in music do join there, etc.

The answer expression here is context, which indicate that it is painless to find out new words and their handling with grammar when you utilize/notice them in their actual context. The new you notice and attend to the fresh words in their context and the extra you exercise them in your dialogue & text, the easier it suit to memorize their importance and acceptable spell.

Make not be real scared of make error while, as yet local narrator proceed compose error and do falter at times.

I’m unhappy nearby no simple approach out by this; one in fact should extend language talent in every these language “stage” or scope in array to get to enhanced language skills.

final but not slightest: in no way yet utilize several online translators, they are nobody but total junk English is nearly all over in the online humanity these days, you presently comprise to utilize your mind to find it! Education rapidity is constantly own.

it obtain the time it catch so there is no basis to speed it up too a lot. If you do, you will not find out so fine. as well, delight study the essentials of the average English initial by proceed to bigger facts like language/intonation. A word of advice although: Do continue fine left as of hyped, costly and overtyped language “trick”, they in fact are not merit for glance away.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

TOEFL IBT – Ways and Tips for a High Score

TOEFL IBT – Ways and Tips for a High Score
You are not only student who attend this test as nearby exactly thousands of people who necessitate a high score in array to achieve access into their favorite University or College.

1) The make use of conversion words or linking phrases is a serious part of your thesis for the writing section plus your speaking reply in favor of the talking section. change words aid to make your reply flow and nearby your in sequence in an logical manner. a little model of transition words and relating phrases are:

"In addition..."
"On the other hand..."
"In conclusion..."

You should apply transition words in your answers to accomplish a fine score.

2) It is especially essential to plainly affirm your situation in the self-sufficient writing and speaking fragment. as the autonomous questions analysis your facility to state your attitude and thinking, it is serious that the anyone estimate your answer recognize accurately what your point is; eg, I prefer..., or, I don't prefer... because...

By undoubtedly affirm your point about question of the TOEFL IBT you are impressive the surveyor what the topic of your answer is. It is not vital what your point is, presently only if you plainly affirm what it is.

3) By reply to the question entirely, you are grant the surveyor with a inclusive answer. Several students do not respond the question effectively, importance that they don't answer the question straight or do not answer it entirely. This is in particular thus in the incorporated questions, where there are numerous piece to the question and it is serious that you answer each part.

4) The composition of your answers used for the writing part and speaking part must utilize a plain format.

- Plainly divided paragraphs, or concave paragraphs to explain paragraph partition.
- Clear and short opening initiate what the idea of the answer will be.
- Clear central paragraphs for the point of explanatory your motive.
- Clear conclusion to complete and confirm your answer.

Memorize that the people who estimate the TOEFL IBT are alert on your confidence and skill to recognize the question and reply in the correct style.

By apply these 4 tactics you will offer yourself the occasion to enlarge your score as these areas are vital elements of the scoring principle.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

TOEFL Test Study Secret

How do you experience while a vital day such as your weeding is in future? I'm pretty confident you're energized for it. Fine, I really think the similar means when I initiate out that I conceded the TOEFL Test! Every my TOEFL study guides didn't go to misuse.

The anticipation I get as I saw my passing score was just fantastic. Actually, it was too greatly for me that I couldn't facilitate but dramatize. I did a modest gala dance lacking any worry. My neighbors presently look at me. They most likely were opinion I won the raffle.
If you've sought to clear the TOEFL exam, you should to have the finest TOEFL learning conduct to arrange for it. And blessed for you, you're regarding to get the top TOEFL study guidelines from somebody who really accepted the exam.

The ride To champion The TOEFL Test start on through A Small walk.Are you geared up to believe the pleasure of considering your passing score? Are you prepared to party your TOEFL exam success? Are you ready to make your individual party?

I expect you are! currently that you're push up to passing the TOEFL examination, you've previously taken the first and most essential walk. Your helpful attitude is your early step in your TOEFL learning point. This will facilitate you defeat the big difficulty that anticipate your TOEFL exam voyage.

The difficulties you will face are no pleasing topic. It's especially complicated to find out the English language. I really tired more than 5 years previously and I'm silent mastering the language! still, my first hand familiarity in intriguing and momentary the TOEFL test will promote you. It'll provide as your TOEFL revision point to accelerate you’re scholarship of the English language.

Skill is the finest governess and exactly so! all inaccuracy you make, you find out from it. I will be sincere in that I've finished tons of TOEFL study guide inaccuracy. And this is specifically why I accepted the exam. I educated from my blunder the stiff way. Blessed for you, I'm about to expose the finest kept TOEFL revise point.

Your English talking talent is imperative in the TOEFL test. You'll be enticed to be notable by speaking quicker than you on average do. That's a red alert. No issue what the case, don't converse fast. Instead, converse gradually. Take care you talk your words very plainly. as well stay away from using jargons and vernacular terms. Use prescribed requisites and sharp words instead. briefly, imagine you're discussion with the parents of your girlfriend for the foremost time! You don't wish for to make impractical mistakes when you're discussion to them. The equal concern when enchanting the TOEFL test. Little fault here and there can add up. This can make you stop working on the test.

You'll be excited to look at English movies to progress your English talking proficiency. currently, don't watch presently any English movies. ensure to observe American movies. among this, you'll catch a high probability of ephemeral the TOEFL test if you have an American accent.

Principle for preferring Online TOEFL training

Hence, to find a permit for a healthcare job, you should score high on the TOEFL iBT as you wish for to penetrate a graduate plan to add your specialized profession, you ought to go by the TOEFL. no matter what the basis you want to acquire the TOEFL iBT, you could crave to catch online TOEFL teaching to facilitate you get to your goal. except by buying these lessons, judge the entirety, admission, value, cost, and education of the materials author.


Basically set, how full are the TOEFL lessons and are they adequate to organize you for the evaluation, listen, talking, and writing segment of the analysis? such as, accomplish the training contain lessons in terms, accent, and syntax, the entire of which are most important to facilitate you attain high on the diverse sections of the test.


In accumulation to the totality of the teaching in the TOEFL course you prefer, how greatly access will you have to the teaching. while several schooling may want you to analysis them numerous period ahead of you have mastered the objects, certify that you are not stimulating again for evaluation resources you have previously paid for. preferably, the TOEFL classes you wish will permit you absolute admission all day each day for as extensive like you are pledge to the check. Be positive they are no limitation on your lessons by you choose to obtain them.


The third object to judge when pay for TOEFL lessons is to take care they are high class and TOEFL level. High value suggest that the lessons are inscribe with regular English usage, syntax, and punctuation and that they are printed for the point to organize the user for the difficulty English mandatory by the TOEFL exam. TOEFL stage means the teaching materials are written by the equal level of terminology and grammar like the authentic TOEFL test.


The worth of the lessons could as well change the fee, but you feel like to ensure that the lessons are not extremely cost. such as, some TOEFL module could cost as $40 for every month, but further courses could rate extra than $1,500 per month. You must locate a TOEFL lessons whose teaching will not charge you.


The final and possibly mainly central part to believe when pay for TOEFL coaching is the credentials of the resources writer and tutor of your TOEFL lessons. preferably, you would like someone with a minimum of a Master's Degree in English amid an highlighting in TESOL. moreover, you would like someone who has been coaching TOEFL for no less than 5 years and is well-known with the layout of the TOEFL iBT.

Use Free Practice Tests for TOEFL Preparation

Your skill to exercise and recognize English is fundamental for your victory at college. The TOEFL test dealings your college level English capacity. further than 6,000 colleges, government association, and businesses accept TOEFL assessment scores globally. The TOEFL Examination provide a comparable role to other uniform tests like SAT and ACT test in that they are apply by colleges and universities since a part in admissions. diverse association set unstable rank of burden on uniform test, such as the TOEFL, and use them beside with supplementary such as GPA, class status, society tune, suggestion and supplementary activities.

The TOEFL iBT exam gain series from 0 to 120. The four piece reading, listening, speaking and writing are all certain scores on a range from 0 to 30. These secondary scores are afterward other mutually for the whole score. The score is involuntary for the measurement on reading and listening. every of the 6 tasks in the talking segment has an opportunity score of 0 to 4 which is next changed to the 0 to 30 range. trained assessment checker will charge your counter base on how fine you develop your part and suggest your answer in English. equally, the two lettering part tasks all have an opening score of 0 to 5 which is then changed to the 0 to 30 scale. The skilled test scorers rating your answer base on method, grammar, words and generally value.

The TOEFL exam score on the PBT analysis vary from 310 to 677. The choice of test get is between 31 and 68 used for the composition/written phrase and listen in knowledge segment. The evaluation knowledge part is a range of 31 to 67. The rare analysis do for all part are then altered to the TOEFL check scale series of 310 to 677.

To accomplish well on the TOEFL examination, it's imperative that you revise elegant - not hard! To revision tidy, it is best to:

    simply reading if you are extensive conscious and aware
    settle on what's on the assessment
    focus on the stuff that you don't identify
    Develop a resourceful study agenda

Amid the finest traditions to learning elegant for the TOEFL Exam is to compose use of TOEFL perform Tests. Coolness is attaining by frequently committed for the TOEFL exam. To make the mainly out of TOEFL perform exams, struggle some of these precede:

Entirely notice every question you find incorrect by meticulously analysis the reason in your examination score report

Grab test with self-imposed time limit - this will possibly aid you assure that you know the objects

Struggle to transaction with only a part of the assessment at a time

Friday, April 13, 2012

Toefl Structure Skill Adjective Clause for English

Toefl Structure Skill Adjective Clause for English

Ability: adjective clause

In this exercise we will notice to several parts that how an adjective section join immediately a connector; an adjective section can join also be the theme of the clause at the equal time.

Within the initial model, there are two paragraph: we is the issue of the verb are gaze, and to facilitate is the theme of the verb is. These two passage are attached among the connector to. observe that in this example the statement that supply two functions by the equal time: it is the problem of the verb is, and it is the linker to joins the two paragraph. The adjective part that is relatively exclusive depict the noun home.

Inside the subsequent example, nearby in addition two passage: house is the topic of the verb look, and that is the issue of the verb is. In this case, that as well provide two task: it is the theme of the verb is, and it is the joiner that link the two clauses. since that is rather exclusive is an adjective part recitation the noun house, it frankly pursue house.

The subsequent illustration explains how this judgment outline might be tested in the formation piece of the TOEFL test.


______ just dropped off a package for you is my brother.

(A)  The man
(B)    The man who
       (C) Because the man
      (D) With the man

In this illustration, you must observe at once that the judgment has two verbs, dropped and is, and both of them should a question. The simply answer near has two issue is answer (B), so answer (B) is the correct answer. The accurate sentence must say: The man who just dropped off a package for you is my brother. In this judgment man is the focus of the verb is, and who is the subject of the verb dropped. Who is also the joiner that links the two clauses?

all of the subsequent sentences have further one clause. highlight the subjects previously and the verbs twice. Circle the connectors. Then point out if the sentences are correct (C) or incorrect (I).

1. The girls that were wet in the rain did not get ill. (C)


    First Clause      : The girls did not get ill (correct)
    Second Clause : that were wet (correct)
    THAT functions as CONNECTOR  and SUBJECT, too. Verb is WERE.

2. I did not vote for the politician who he just won the election. (I)


    First Clause      :  I did not vote the politician. (Correct)
    Second Clause :  Who he just won the election (Incorrect)
                               It should be "Who just won the election". There are double subject: WHO and HE.
                               WHO  functions as CONNECTOR and SUBJECT. WON is Verb. So, remove HE.

3. The cat that walking belongs to my neighbor. (I)


    First Clause      : The cat belongs to my neighbor (correct)
    Second Clause:  that walking (incorrect).
                              THAT functions as CONNECTOR and SUBJECT. But IS is missing
                              The second sentence should be "that is walking".

4. I took two of the blue pens, which were very effective in writing. (C)

    Analysis :

    First Clause      : I took two of the blue pens. (correct)
    Second Clause :  which were very effective in writing. (correct)
                              Which functions as CONNECTOR and SUBJECT, too?

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Which TOEFL test must you take PBT or iBT

PBT indicate paper-based test. The PBT is the imaginative TOEFL test ongoing in 1963. nearby four sections: listening, structure, reading, writing.

Through the reputation of computers, the PBT altered to the CBT, the computer-based test. The CBT be replacing in September 2005 near the iBT, the internet-based test. The CBT does no longer exist. That represent you encompass two choices: the PBT or the iBT. Which is exact for you?

initially, prove with your school, organization or institute to get exposed which TOEFL score they entail, PBT or iBT. mainly North American schools, organization and institutions allow single iBT scores. Why? since the iBT trial speaking ability (why check speaking read the article). North American schools, etc., feel like to see if you can converse English.

bear in mind: The PBT completely not check speaking.

in addition, the iBT is perhaps the supplementary complicated test.

Why is the iBT inflexible than the PBT?

1) for the reason that  the speaking segment, and;

2) because you should write down two thesis. The PBT have just one essay. moreover, among the PBT you preserve appear at the listen fragment react as you take note. in favor of the iBT listening part, yet, you see the answer very soon behind you listen. a good deal harder.

as a result what must you achieve? Don't acquire the PBT merely because you've listen to it is easier. acquire the iBT. single seize the PBT if the iBT is not existing. And memorize: confirm with your association first. Don't take the PBT, then pertain, and hit upon out that Princeton just allow the iBT. You will devastate your time and your money.


The colors specify the special choice. So, as of the fourth selection should be desire one erroneous answer.





no one identify when the method of glass-making was imaginary.

The false word : identify (A)

as, Nobody is outstanding issue and the verb should be track by s/es.

The exact sentence is “no one identify as the method of glass-making was invented”

2. The languages of the globe near a immense selection of structural comparison and distinction.

The inaccurate word : in attendance (A)

Because, The languages is plural question and the verb not pursued by s/es.

The accurate sentence is “The languages of the world at hand a immense collection of structural likeness and distinction.”

3. The grow of multinationals have resulted in a large compact of official doubt because multinationals can work in so various influence.

The mistaken word : have (A)

since, The mount is particular matter and the verb should be chase by has, not have.

The exactly judgment is “The increase of multinationals has resulted in a big treaty of legal doubt because multinationals can run in so many jurisdiction.”

4. every one of of the east-west interstate freeway in the United States has smooth numbers, whilst north-south interstate highways are odd-numbered.

The wrong word : has (A)

Because, every one of of the east-west interstate highways in the United States is plural theme and the verb should be followed have, not has.

The exactly judgment is “every of the east-west expressway in the United States comprise level statistics, although north-south interstate highways are odd-numbered.”

5. as soon as a gigantic star in the fat Magellan possibly will explode in 1987, a sign of neutrinos be discover on Earth.

The incorrect word : were (C)

since, a sign of neutrinos is extraordinary focus and the verb should be pursue by was, not were.

The true ruling is “while a gigantic star in the large Magellan Could explode in 1987, a gesture of neutrinos was detect on Earth.”

Sunday, March 25, 2012

TOEFL Listening Tips for students

TOEFL assesses students on their ability to speak English. It is free for non-native English speaking students performed, so that they can acquire knowledge requires a language to study at American universities. Since the communication concerns not only talk but to listen to, the TOEFL test is taken to be heard. It is important not only what the other person to hear, but also understand and respond appropriately.

Best show on the advice you need to listen to practice. Talking and listening can be mastered with practice. Therefore, the first plate to keep listening to songs in English, CD-s, speeches, talk shows and everything that relates to the language heard. This will help you familiarize yourself with the different tones and accents, and so make it easier to find the Output tab.

The second peak belongs to connect and relate to the idea of the passage, read or thought to be transmitted. Each passage has a thought that supports the pros and cons of this issue and other aspects of thought itself. It is important to understand all this by listening. Since this test, you can listen to the passage of time, you should do so carefully. Try all of the elements and a few simple facts count. Many questions are actually very simple facts of the passage that is based most of us ignore.

Few other species, the Council need to listen, take notes, while the section, noting important dates or places mentioned, understanding the mood or tone of the speaker and practicing as much as possible. The practice of listening for 2-3 hours per day for at least a week will certainly improve your listening comprehension section, incredible results. Take a few examples of some tests a day before the test to decide for themselves what you have practiced.

How to make Conversation for Reservation in English

Front Desk Receptionist

       Hotels Enterprise said, Lise. How can I help you?
       What is the date that you are looking for?
       How long will you be?
       How many adults will be in the room?
       I fear that we are booked on weekends.
       There are only a few places.
       We recommend that you book in advance during high season.
       Has two double beds be enough?
       Do you want a smoking or Non smoking?
       The dining room is open 16 hours to 10 hours.
       We have an indoor pool and sauna.
       We serve a continental breakfast.
       Cable TV is included in the price, but the movie channel is included.
       Take the exit off the highway 8 and you'll see us a few miles on the left.
       The price that I can give you is 99.54 with tax.
       We need a credit card number for an amount.


     I would like to make a reservation for next week.
     Is it necessary to book in advance?
     Calculate for two extra beds?
     How much for a bed?
     Treat yourself to a free breakfast?
     Is there a restaurant in the hotel?
     Do the rooms have refrigerators?
     Do you do group bookings?
     Is there a restaurant?
     Do you have any cheaper rooms?
     When it is pulled out of season into consideration?

Sample conversation:

Receptionist: Thank you for calling Quality Inn. Speaking of Morine.
Caller: Hello. I'm interested in booking a room for a long weekend in September.
Receptionist: I'm afraid we're fully booked for this weekend. It is a convention in town and we are the closest hotel to the convention center.
Caller: Oh, I did not know. How about the weekend after that?
Receptionist: So ... Friday, the seventeenth?
The Caller: Yes. Friday and Saturday.
Receptionist: It seems we have a few places. We recommend you make a reservation, though. It is still considered high season then.
Caller: Okay. Do you have rooms with two double beds? We are a family of four.
Receptionist: Yes, all our rooms with two double beds. The rate is $ 129 this weekend dollars per night.
Caller: This is reasonable. And you have beds? One of my daughters would have to bring a friend.
Receptionist: We do, but we also have an extra fee from ten dollars per person for the whole family with more than four persons. The bed is free.
Caller: Okay, but I'm not positive if it is to come. Can we pay when we arrive?
Receptionist: Yes, but we require a deposit of 50 dollars credit card to reserve the room. You can cancel up to five days in advance and we will refund your deposit.
Caller: Great, I'll call you right away. I have to find a credit card from my husband.
Receptionist: Okay. Oh, and just to let you know ... Our swimming pool will be closed, but our pool is open.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

How to take a discussion in TOEFL?

Be vigilant. - Watch the body language of the person you are talking about. Do you have eye contact? It was interested, bored or boring, what do you say? Does he / she is often looking for? He / she does talk about something else while? If you notice that he / she is angry or bored, gradually changing the conversation, or strongly asked / her question (such as the determination of his stuff) to something else. If you see the other person must be respected as well. Perhaps you know that you are viewing is undesirable personality.

To make a call

Listen carefully. - Does he / she advises not agree with your views, or do not like the topic of conversation? (He / she may not be loud enough but his / her intonation and word choice should be to get the hint.) He tried / it, the theme to change anything he / she is more relaxed with? If so, let that person to take control of the conversation, even for a while. In any case this is not a good idea to steer the conversation. People enjoy the conversation more if it is for them and what they want. If you wish to extend the conversation to them than to you.

Knowing when to be silent. - Sometimes the best answer "yes" or not, but silence is especially if you are not sure which side is a person, if you do not know how to answer the question, it suffices to state their shoulders with a smile or return into the question of the person who wants to hear his / her judgment for the first time.

Conversation Tips

A respectful attitude and opinion. - Whenever possible, try to sensitive issues that may prevent the arguments. However, if another person who raised the issue, do not forget to respect his / her opinion on the subject. It may be that some of the topics of conversation, you and another person have opposing views. Give me your hand, but not to him / her to exist. Let him / her do his / her country without any harm to you. People want to talk about people liberal.

Be positive. - Often smile and help you. This will break the ice and make the other person more open. Try to negative when we on issues of self and to avoid talking to the other. People are people, of course, hopefully. Use your sense of humor to lighten the atmosphere. Make sure that your jokes clean and not those that are abusive available to everyone.

Do not put people on trial. - Do not ask a bunch of questions, including those that are personal, not so much to give the impression of the interview. Let people open their personal lives for you, as an alternative for you, you take away from them.

Be sincere. - Even if the human being as a compliment, they will be grateful for those who are sincere. If you really believe that his / her hair in disorder, not even to think congratulate him / her that it does not humiliate or insult him / her.

TOEFL Grammar Practice

TOEFL Grammar university level, and thus error, heavy during the debate, clauses, tenses, punctuation marks are not acceptable. Foundation information, English grammar. If their sentences or language is not grammatically correct, you may not know the language. With correct grammar is essentially the practice. There are several books on a basic level in English, grammar, whose native language is not English-speaking students who can be called. Preparations for this should begin at least several months in advance, because if and when your base is strong, can not develop their language skills.

TOEFL Grammar Practice

Listen to a large number of CD-ROM in English, message, Clock shows and movies in English, can help a lot. We also need to understand the different parts of speech, the difference between a verb and adverb, adjectives, pronouns, verbs, subjective and objective components, unions and others. TOEFL Grammar includes gerunds, infinitives, clauses, articles, singular, plural, prepositions, word order, word form, punctuation.

A extensive section of the TOEFL Grammar is the structure of the phrase and sentence formation. This will help you to more simply realize the passages. It will also progress your capability to write an essay in this way to develop the TOEFL score. TOEFL Test includes numerous questions about the achievement of the sentence, which are supplemented by the words must be grammatically proper. fragment on the writing wishes a good stream of thought and language correctly. When the secure and verbs or clauses, finally, the kind will be lost. This is the case with listening and speaking sections where accent and grammar in speech is very important.

TOEFL Grammar

There are 3 email, please remember to master grammar TOEFL. The first is the statement that you have to understand words and grammar and usage, the second is an example where you learn how to prepare these things, and unions, and the last sentences in an exercise that can practice when you master the Arts. If kept in mind and practiced religion will certainly test the TOEFL.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

How to Pass and practice TOEFL exams 2012

However those students preparing for study abroad they used and familiar with TOEFL exam, it is an principle of international universities provided an approval for student studying  and testing student's English skills.surely other factors as stress truly no tests are perfect as it, time take part in this as an significant role. And one of the bad enemies although you have taking the TOEFL exam is in just time. If you have to calm and have a respectable vocabulary and skills of English grammar it's not hard at all. But you must to answer all questions inside the maximum time given by examiner.

Since 2005 web base version of test become most popular once it was introduce. And yes a lot of students desire to take the exam in their own place. It's more easy, and possibly fewer hectic for many.Several students get the internet based version quite further problematic because it has speaking as a component , and the reading and part listening might believe quite much hard. Yes you thinks right TOEFL exam having paper based version contain no speaking part.

the internet  and the paper based having some important differences but have several  difficulties. In my own words difficulties are only for individually and ultimately based how students face the exam, not that also of them is really more tricky than the other ones. And as expected many consider the internet based is a quit hard as some worries for spoken swctions and presentations. however impressive idea you find too used to over time. In truth you could face many situations when you will be forced to speak in similar manners in real life.

common examples are for interviews, when you must to described about yourself; or presenting your thoughts. Make sure you must speak in those conditions are always a puzzled the first times, but you come over from it after trying it as fasten if you control. therefore don't fright of speaking section be the crucial issue when choosing your form of exam.

I suggest you to choose internet based TOEFL and do practice it is the best for you to prepare successfully. it is time haunting but you have to get used it. Also your aim to not be troubled a lot; obviously your worries are natural; but if you overcome it is helpful for a successful result. stay in mind don’t worry about your knowledge; only make skills in English as a language.