Tuesday, July 17, 2012

English Skill for Apply matching structure with paired conjunction

The matching conjunctions both... and, either....or, neither...nor, and not only...however as well want equivalent structures.

I recognize mutually where you go and what you do.
Either score or charge has the book.
The coins are neither in my pocket nor in my purse.
He is not just an brilliant learner but as well an excellent athlete.

Both (same structure) and (same structure)
Either or
Neither nor
Not only but also

Apply parallel structure with similarity

When you compose a similarity, you point away the parallel or disparity among two things, and those connection or distinction should be in parallel form. You can know a judgment present how two effects are diverse from the er... than or the more...than.

My office is farther than your office.
To be wealthy is better than to be poor.
What is written is further simply understand than what is speak.

A connection viewing how two things are the equal may enclose as... as or terms such as the same or similar to.

His car is as large as small quarters.
Hiring those apartments’ costs regarding the same as leasing them.
The work that I did is similar to the work that you did.

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