Saturday, May 29, 2010

What do you know about TOEFL?

Do you  ever listen the word  TOEFL. what are you know about it? that’ great .it’s typically calculate your  English speaking talent or skills as an educational background. it’s well known as brand or registered trademark of (ETS). first time this test was announced in 1964.Millions of student has been taken this test. If you want to take an opportunity of study in Canada and US many colleges and Universities required to pass toefl test.TOEFL test with a remarkable scores have been accepted by licensing agencies, more than 6000 colleges and universities.

Why TOEFL is required?

It is necessary that if you are not an English spoken person you will be pass to this test.The key point why TOEFL is necessary.

 1. Do you wish for to Study in any US University.
 2.You are interested to practice as nurse or Doctor in US.
 3. you need to get  access in New Zealand as entrance in University or want to look professional work license.
 4. you seek in any US university as participant of graduate program. 

The term (iBT)  first time initiate in 2005, which has gradually replaced paper-based (PBT) and computer-based (CBT) tests. first time in 2005 this test launched inCanada,France,Italy,Germany and US in phases and then in all over the world.In many countries this test convert into internet based which mean you can as quickly answer the questions appeared on your computer screen while you are appear in it.

Paper-based Test (PBT):  In some parts of the world where CBT and iBT are unavailable the paper-based test (PBT) is an alternative for students. Fundamentally it is the same as CBT, only with some little difference, obviously in questions and the scores.

Registration for TOEFL:  This test is particularly conduct  all over the year on set dates. keep in your mind not each centre offers this on ever test date.For the further information about the dates and centers you can visit ETS website. also you can register here or registered by mail or phone.But it couldn’t be possible to faxed the Registration forms.Remember a valid credit card required for online registration. Annual registration always closed before the date of test. Late registration closes before three days of test