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Five tips for your help in TOEFL Exam

Use active voice in your response:

What is the active voice is more responsive to questions. How ever you may need passive.


You must be hungry for connection (and, but, because, etc.) bugs. The review has to do most students are phrases and errors compound.

Good Grammatical structure:

Be careful in making prayer. It is possible that errors in a single structure, if .. as well .. etc. .. I think that some students on the TOEFL to such errors.

Suitable  Coma and end point

properly use a comma, semicolon, period. Misuse can change the meaning of the sentence.

Examples of using The

And the structure of the essay contains a plan of the entire process and the appeal is a map for each medium (or body) of this paragraph. The sentence should tell the reader about what he has to debate, as well as the status on the ground that supports the statement of work.

3 ways to improve TOEFL scores

Skills in General language

These skills of reading, writing, speaking, listening and grammar. Wait? TOEFL grammar is not available. Why is grammar? Good question. Grammar is tested on the TOEFL iBT based on how well you communicate verbally and in writing. Without the complex grammar and vocabulary sophisticated, do not get the points we are trying to achieve. There are many ways to improve their language skills. The most important thing to remember, however, is the use of English every day. There are many websites that you can go to hear and practice reading. TOEFL TIP: to hear the search step, which is on a similar topic as you go reading practice in speaking and writing questions integrated.
Strategies of Test taking

There are strategies to use the best question on the TOEFL iBT. For example, in the reading section, you must read the whole piece a read and then answer questions about whether just beginning to answer questions? TOEFL Note: Strategy for the use of many students is simply to start by answering the questions read without reading the passage, because we know that the questions in the order of the transition to reading. When using this strategy, students can find answers to your questions, and although not always understand the general reading passage.

Time Management

 For all questions in a given time, have to pay attention to the clock on the screen or view your account (not a mobile phone to watch!). In the reading section, TOEFL iBT one hand, you have 20 minutes to respond to questions 13/11. That's about 1 ½ minutes per question. Some questions will be time obviously less, but should 4.3 questions every 5 minutes. Make sure the clock regularly to ensure you keep pace. TOEFL TIP: Make sure you leave enough time for one last question for each passage read. Worth more points, so be sure to allow enough time to complete.

An overview of TOEFL Exam section

To read the reading section definitely helps a lot, but it is also important to know what kind of reading helps more. Normally, the TOEFL test, experiments and research results from shared reading section. So try to read and understand this type instead of fiction.

For the writing section, students often try to impress the examiners with a remarkable vocabulary and sentence structure of atypical and ends a lot of mistakes, so I think that students are not sure of the spelling and use the appropriate word in the sentence should be avoided. Try to be simple, but to things. Keep well-organized. Read about it and understand it. Think before you type. Write the key points for the gross. This will help when writing the final draft.

To speak, the student should practice expressed the view that the principles, ideas, and not just sympathy or aversion. The practice says that a wide range of topics. Do not try to make a complex sentence. Express what I feel easy.

For music CDs, audio tapes are available in the market practice of listening to the audio tape is better than watching TV, as you prepare for the real test of audio listening.

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