Friday, June 18, 2010


TOEFL® iBT is a better assessment of your English communications skills because it focuses on how well you use English to communicate,not just what you know about it.
The test consists of four sections: Reading,Listening,Speaking and Writing. All four sections are taken on the same day, and entire test is about four hour long.
What is most unique about the test is that is asks you to combine, or integrate, more than one language skill like you do every day. For example,sometimes you read a passage, listen to a short lecture about a topic, and then speak or write in response.To ensure maximum objectivity and reliability , three to six raters score your Speaking responses, and a minimum of four raters score your Writing responses. All raters monitoring every time they score, ensuring the possible highest quality control. 

The chart above shows the range of questions and the timing for each section. Time limits vary according to the number of questions.

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