Sunday, March 25, 2012

TOEFL Listening Tips for students

TOEFL assesses students on their ability to speak English. It is free for non-native English speaking students performed, so that they can acquire knowledge requires a language to study at American universities. Since the communication concerns not only talk but to listen to, the TOEFL test is taken to be heard. It is important not only what the other person to hear, but also understand and respond appropriately.

Best show on the advice you need to listen to practice. Talking and listening can be mastered with practice. Therefore, the first plate to keep listening to songs in English, CD-s, speeches, talk shows and everything that relates to the language heard. This will help you familiarize yourself with the different tones and accents, and so make it easier to find the Output tab.

The second peak belongs to connect and relate to the idea of the passage, read or thought to be transmitted. Each passage has a thought that supports the pros and cons of this issue and other aspects of thought itself. It is important to understand all this by listening. Since this test, you can listen to the passage of time, you should do so carefully. Try all of the elements and a few simple facts count. Many questions are actually very simple facts of the passage that is based most of us ignore.

Few other species, the Council need to listen, take notes, while the section, noting important dates or places mentioned, understanding the mood or tone of the speaker and practicing as much as possible. The practice of listening for 2-3 hours per day for at least a week will certainly improve your listening comprehension section, incredible results. Take a few examples of some tests a day before the test to decide for themselves what you have practiced.

How to make Conversation for Reservation in English

Front Desk Receptionist

       Hotels Enterprise said, Lise. How can I help you?
       What is the date that you are looking for?
       How long will you be?
       How many adults will be in the room?
       I fear that we are booked on weekends.
       There are only a few places.
       We recommend that you book in advance during high season.
       Has two double beds be enough?
       Do you want a smoking or Non smoking?
       The dining room is open 16 hours to 10 hours.
       We have an indoor pool and sauna.
       We serve a continental breakfast.
       Cable TV is included in the price, but the movie channel is included.
       Take the exit off the highway 8 and you'll see us a few miles on the left.
       The price that I can give you is 99.54 with tax.
       We need a credit card number for an amount.


     I would like to make a reservation for next week.
     Is it necessary to book in advance?
     Calculate for two extra beds?
     How much for a bed?
     Treat yourself to a free breakfast?
     Is there a restaurant in the hotel?
     Do the rooms have refrigerators?
     Do you do group bookings?
     Is there a restaurant?
     Do you have any cheaper rooms?
     When it is pulled out of season into consideration?

Sample conversation:

Receptionist: Thank you for calling Quality Inn. Speaking of Morine.
Caller: Hello. I'm interested in booking a room for a long weekend in September.
Receptionist: I'm afraid we're fully booked for this weekend. It is a convention in town and we are the closest hotel to the convention center.
Caller: Oh, I did not know. How about the weekend after that?
Receptionist: So ... Friday, the seventeenth?
The Caller: Yes. Friday and Saturday.
Receptionist: It seems we have a few places. We recommend you make a reservation, though. It is still considered high season then.
Caller: Okay. Do you have rooms with two double beds? We are a family of four.
Receptionist: Yes, all our rooms with two double beds. The rate is $ 129 this weekend dollars per night.
Caller: This is reasonable. And you have beds? One of my daughters would have to bring a friend.
Receptionist: We do, but we also have an extra fee from ten dollars per person for the whole family with more than four persons. The bed is free.
Caller: Okay, but I'm not positive if it is to come. Can we pay when we arrive?
Receptionist: Yes, but we require a deposit of 50 dollars credit card to reserve the room. You can cancel up to five days in advance and we will refund your deposit.
Caller: Great, I'll call you right away. I have to find a credit card from my husband.
Receptionist: Okay. Oh, and just to let you know ... Our swimming pool will be closed, but our pool is open.