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Toefl Structure Skill Adjective Clause for English

Toefl Structure Skill Adjective Clause for English

Ability: adjective clause

In this exercise we will notice to several parts that how an adjective section join immediately a connector; an adjective section can join also be the theme of the clause at the equal time.

Within the initial model, there are two paragraph: we is the issue of the verb are gaze, and to facilitate is the theme of the verb is. These two passage are attached among the connector to. observe that in this example the statement that supply two functions by the equal time: it is the problem of the verb is, and it is the linker to joins the two paragraph. The adjective part that is relatively exclusive depict the noun home.

Inside the subsequent example, nearby in addition two passage: house is the topic of the verb look, and that is the issue of the verb is. In this case, that as well provide two task: it is the theme of the verb is, and it is the joiner that link the two clauses. since that is rather exclusive is an adjective part recitation the noun house, it frankly pursue house.

The subsequent illustration explains how this judgment outline might be tested in the formation piece of the TOEFL test.


______ just dropped off a package for you is my brother.

(A)  The man
(B)    The man who
       (C) Because the man
      (D) With the man

In this illustration, you must observe at once that the judgment has two verbs, dropped and is, and both of them should a question. The simply answer near has two issue is answer (B), so answer (B) is the correct answer. The accurate sentence must say: The man who just dropped off a package for you is my brother. In this judgment man is the focus of the verb is, and who is the subject of the verb dropped. Who is also the joiner that links the two clauses?

all of the subsequent sentences have further one clause. highlight the subjects previously and the verbs twice. Circle the connectors. Then point out if the sentences are correct (C) or incorrect (I).

1. The girls that were wet in the rain did not get ill. (C)


    First Clause      : The girls did not get ill (correct)
    Second Clause : that were wet (correct)
    THAT functions as CONNECTOR  and SUBJECT, too. Verb is WERE.

2. I did not vote for the politician who he just won the election. (I)


    First Clause      :  I did not vote the politician. (Correct)
    Second Clause :  Who he just won the election (Incorrect)
                               It should be "Who just won the election". There are double subject: WHO and HE.
                               WHO  functions as CONNECTOR and SUBJECT. WON is Verb. So, remove HE.

3. The cat that walking belongs to my neighbor. (I)


    First Clause      : The cat belongs to my neighbor (correct)
    Second Clause:  that walking (incorrect).
                              THAT functions as CONNECTOR and SUBJECT. But IS is missing
                              The second sentence should be "that is walking".

4. I took two of the blue pens, which were very effective in writing. (C)

    Analysis :

    First Clause      : I took two of the blue pens. (correct)
    Second Clause :  which were very effective in writing. (correct)
                              Which functions as CONNECTOR and SUBJECT, too?

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Which TOEFL test must you take PBT or iBT

PBT indicate paper-based test. The PBT is the imaginative TOEFL test ongoing in 1963. nearby four sections: listening, structure, reading, writing.

Through the reputation of computers, the PBT altered to the CBT, the computer-based test. The CBT be replacing in September 2005 near the iBT, the internet-based test. The CBT does no longer exist. That represent you encompass two choices: the PBT or the iBT. Which is exact for you?

initially, prove with your school, organization or institute to get exposed which TOEFL score they entail, PBT or iBT. mainly North American schools, organization and institutions allow single iBT scores. Why? since the iBT trial speaking ability (why check speaking read the article). North American schools, etc., feel like to see if you can converse English.

bear in mind: The PBT completely not check speaking.

in addition, the iBT is perhaps the supplementary complicated test.

Why is the iBT inflexible than the PBT?

1) for the reason that  the speaking segment, and;

2) because you should write down two thesis. The PBT have just one essay. moreover, among the PBT you preserve appear at the listen fragment react as you take note. in favor of the iBT listening part, yet, you see the answer very soon behind you listen. a good deal harder.

as a result what must you achieve? Don't acquire the PBT merely because you've listen to it is easier. acquire the iBT. single seize the PBT if the iBT is not existing. And memorize: confirm with your association first. Don't take the PBT, then pertain, and hit upon out that Princeton just allow the iBT. You will devastate your time and your money.


The colors specify the special choice. So, as of the fourth selection should be desire one erroneous answer.





no one identify when the method of glass-making was imaginary.

The false word : identify (A)

as, Nobody is outstanding issue and the verb should be track by s/es.

The exact sentence is “no one identify as the method of glass-making was invented”

2. The languages of the globe near a immense selection of structural comparison and distinction.

The inaccurate word : in attendance (A)

Because, The languages is plural question and the verb not pursued by s/es.

The accurate sentence is “The languages of the world at hand a immense collection of structural likeness and distinction.”

3. The grow of multinationals have resulted in a large compact of official doubt because multinationals can work in so various influence.

The mistaken word : have (A)

since, The mount is particular matter and the verb should be chase by has, not have.

The exactly judgment is “The increase of multinationals has resulted in a big treaty of legal doubt because multinationals can run in so many jurisdiction.”

4. every one of of the east-west interstate freeway in the United States has smooth numbers, whilst north-south interstate highways are odd-numbered.

The wrong word : has (A)

Because, every one of of the east-west interstate highways in the United States is plural theme and the verb should be followed have, not has.

The exactly judgment is “every of the east-west expressway in the United States comprise level statistics, although north-south interstate highways are odd-numbered.”

5. as soon as a gigantic star in the fat Magellan possibly will explode in 1987, a sign of neutrinos be discover on Earth.

The incorrect word : were (C)

since, a sign of neutrinos is extraordinary focus and the verb should be pursue by was, not were.

The true ruling is “while a gigantic star in the large Magellan Could explode in 1987, a gesture of neutrinos was detect on Earth.”