Thursday, April 5, 2012


The colors specify the special choice. So, as of the fourth selection should be desire one erroneous answer.





no one identify when the method of glass-making was imaginary.

The false word : identify (A)

as, Nobody is outstanding issue and the verb should be track by s/es.

The exact sentence is “no one identify as the method of glass-making was invented”

2. The languages of the globe near a immense selection of structural comparison and distinction.

The inaccurate word : in attendance (A)

Because, The languages is plural question and the verb not pursued by s/es.

The accurate sentence is “The languages of the world at hand a immense collection of structural likeness and distinction.”

3. The grow of multinationals have resulted in a large compact of official doubt because multinationals can work in so various influence.

The mistaken word : have (A)

since, The mount is particular matter and the verb should be chase by has, not have.

The exactly judgment is “The increase of multinationals has resulted in a big treaty of legal doubt because multinationals can run in so many jurisdiction.”

4. every one of of the east-west interstate freeway in the United States has smooth numbers, whilst north-south interstate highways are odd-numbered.

The wrong word : has (A)

Because, every one of of the east-west interstate highways in the United States is plural theme and the verb should be followed have, not has.

The exactly judgment is “every of the east-west expressway in the United States comprise level statistics, although north-south interstate highways are odd-numbered.”

5. as soon as a gigantic star in the fat Magellan possibly will explode in 1987, a sign of neutrinos be discover on Earth.

The incorrect word : were (C)

since, a sign of neutrinos is extraordinary focus and the verb should be pursue by was, not were.

The true ruling is “while a gigantic star in the large Magellan Could explode in 1987, a gesture of neutrinos was detect on Earth.”

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