Sunday, June 19, 2011

Strategy for Getting Higher Score in TOEFL

One of the most important strategies are simple and optimistic, even confident.This only increases your score. Do not worry too much about hard to decipher bits of passages, lectures, and are better able to see the broader picture. a different strategy, in particular the TOEFL Listening and Reading sections POE or delisting procedures. It is a method that allows you to refine the possible responses by those who are probably not properly authorized. Although each type of question is to apply a special method of POE, we recommend that you use, certain rules for all types of questions. 1) Eliminate answer choices that are outside the range (off topic), 2) eliminate the answer choices, excessive language or a tone, not the use of pass / presentation. 3) Avoid answer choices that are too general or too vague.

The use of POE increases the score by increasing the probability that you choose the right answer, even if you do not fully understand a question or Passage / Presentation.

What is the Problem with TOEFL iBT

Do you know what one of the major problems with the iBT (Internet) version of the TOEFL; The Internet is not always constant. Only a few days the TOEFL students should participate in Asia many problems in control:

The problem was the main ETS (the company that runs TOEFL) servers in the United States. About 4,000 students in South Korea had about two hours to configure the server before they can expect to control. Some might not test at all. ETS system had many computers and networks, because the errors are based on Internet Test (iBT) TOEFL's adopted in 2006. This is because the iBT format is to try to download questions from the main server throughout the test, while the previous system, computer-based testing (CBT), saved questions separately on each computer.

Many students who take the TOEFL is required for admission college now notes the time to implement. Some have even urged legal action against ETS. People in smaller towns and villages often travel a bigger city, to sit the exam ... This is a lot of money and lost time.

ETS said the problem was caused by the main server in the U.S., and may be paid a fee or free for those who leave, he retake the test.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Prepare for the TOEIC

The TOEIC test is one of the largest language tests in the world. Preparations for the TOEIC easier.Started in 2007, on the website, English online world today holds the key to success for thousands of people. The website is one of the largest TOEIC preparation sites on the Internet, if not the largest. With its unique approach to learning and its innovative statements, the website is also ideal for those who only improve their English skills.

To know where you go, you need to know where you've been and where are you?

A TOEIC students experience begins with a simulation of the various experiments in the real TOEIC TOEIC format. Once settled, they can see their level, ready in three forms. 1. their estimated total cost TOEIC level. 2. Their level, both for listening and reading comprehension. 3. A breakdown of the type for each question. Each level is represented either as a bar graph for easy reading, a number of the TOEIC system or both.

It is easier to achieve a goal if you can see it

Of the TOEIC estimate information easily TOEIC students see their strengths and weaknesses and more following.

If the effort is focused, performance is fast

All questions are carefully structured so that the students to focus their training on their weaknesses. That means quick recovery. Again, a bar chart showing the student both their progress and their improvement.

Variety is the fruit of life

With more than 2,000 questions and TOEIC together more than 10,000 words, phrases and expressions, instead offering a very comprehensive knowledge of business English, of course, that too much to fulfill the test requirements for participants' needs.

If we see what we can do it right

This statement is so true and with the website online English, all questions will be reviewed. A student can see their mistakes, when what went wrong and if all else fails, they have their own personal coach to help an experienced official TOEIC test administrator to them via email.

Must be prepared more than preparation
 Lets Learn English, which covered this area has hundreds of questions and exercises to explain the English language the learner.write in  grammar, vocabulary, idioms, and specific topics such letters are from this website in a separate area for training  to ensure that all work in this area included a review and coach assistance for a maximum learning effect.

It is only as good as his opinion

Emails arrive every day from successful TOEIC participants who have developed their knowledge and skills on the site. Emails also come from people improve their English or simply to keep in practice. Although the website for those who prepare for TOEIC is constructed, it has now evolved into much more.