Sunday, June 19, 2011

Strategy for Getting Higher Score in TOEFL

One of the most important strategies are simple and optimistic, even confident.This only increases your score. Do not worry too much about hard to decipher bits of passages, lectures, and are better able to see the broader picture. a different strategy, in particular the TOEFL Listening and Reading sections POE or delisting procedures. It is a method that allows you to refine the possible responses by those who are probably not properly authorized. Although each type of question is to apply a special method of POE, we recommend that you use, certain rules for all types of questions. 1) Eliminate answer choices that are outside the range (off topic), 2) eliminate the answer choices, excessive language or a tone, not the use of pass / presentation. 3) Avoid answer choices that are too general or too vague.

The use of POE increases the score by increasing the probability that you choose the right answer, even if you do not fully understand a question or Passage / Presentation.

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