Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Useful and Easy Tricks for getting Good Score in TOEFL

1 Are you enroll in a course of TOEFL preparation

Based on a TOEFL preparation course is certainly much more than take a free guide for assistance. However, the assistance from your course in general more efficient and useful. This is because you the opportunity to raise questions or have questions about a specific issue. However, before the application immediately to ensure the best in town, who is your teacher with the TOEFL and he or she can explain the answers to difficult questions so that you know. Consider, noted the school to allow the class before you register.

2  Doing strategies to save time

You will see such similar answer choices often in TOEFL:

A) to destroy

B) destroying

C) destroyed

D) was destroyed

When you see such a question, take note that 90% of the time, the answer is either B or C. Since TOEFL generally tests on active voice (-ing form) and passive voice (-ed form), when you see both -ed form and -ing form in a set of answer choices, the answer is highly likely to be one of the two.

3  Ask yourself if it sounds right

Everyone has the ability to think in language, in real time, without our permission. We can do the interview in our heads, as if the words really were. Our mind reacts to these virtual sounds, not on grammar. In other words, we can tell whether a particular sentence may simply reflect aloud.Knowledge This is very useful if you are on what was a surprise question. Let's change the sentence to replace the verdict and see if it rings true. If it sounds good, not so often you have the right answer.Although employees in these four simple tips, you can also find help about 110 on the TOEFL in mind that the normal practice is always a key factor acing every test.

4 Choose the best self-help guide to the TOEFL

If you are not familiar with the TOEFL, it is important that this is the beginning of the test questions and structure. The best way to do this is just practice. While this May seem easy, you may initially feel overwhelmed by the large number of TOEFL guide, in those days. You can choose to receive self-help books, CD-ROM, and even bands. He is easily influenced by advertising or nice covers. Take time to think about what is the best way to absorb information. For example, travel insurance, so easy to read book on the bus or train, you can keep up with tape, so you can listen to travel from one place to another.