Sunday, June 19, 2011

What is the Problem with TOEFL iBT

Do you know what one of the major problems with the iBT (Internet) version of the TOEFL; The Internet is not always constant. Only a few days the TOEFL students should participate in Asia many problems in control:

The problem was the main ETS (the company that runs TOEFL) servers in the United States. About 4,000 students in South Korea had about two hours to configure the server before they can expect to control. Some might not test at all. ETS system had many computers and networks, because the errors are based on Internet Test (iBT) TOEFL's adopted in 2006. This is because the iBT format is to try to download questions from the main server throughout the test, while the previous system, computer-based testing (CBT), saved questions separately on each computer.

Many students who take the TOEFL is required for admission college now notes the time to implement. Some have even urged legal action against ETS. People in smaller towns and villages often travel a bigger city, to sit the exam ... This is a lot of money and lost time.

ETS said the problem was caused by the main server in the U.S., and may be paid a fee or free for those who leave, he retake the test.

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