Saturday, June 26, 2010

Survive in TOEFL Exam

The TOEFL exam is feared by many peoples, as they are not sure what they will meet, or how to practice for it. It doesn't mean the exam is hard at all. But successfully passing the exam is often necessary in order to be accepted at English spoken universities around the world. Students who want to prepare for the exam is to not be afraid of it. To prepare you for what you will meet.
The first part that should be said is that there are two common versions of the exam. You do the exam by internet, or by a paper based version. Of course many prefer the paper based version as there are no oral parts of it. I think most students have some natural fear of speaking in interviews and having presentations or exams by speaking. But it's really not that difficult; they are not there to destroy you or anything; they will do everything to help you feel relaxed and just talk general topics with you. It's not much more difficult than being at a work interview; and they aren't difficult at all either. The most important part of oral interviews are to remain calm and not making your sentences to complex; of course, you shouldn't make your sentences or answers to simple either, as it can be shown as a lack of English skills. But if you make the sentences to complicated you will also stop thinking, hesitating to answer which is not good either. The best is to find a balance between showing simple skills, mixed with some difficulties or real skills.

There are also some differences between the written parts of the TOEFL exam whether you have it as internet based or paper based. The internet based version focus a bit more on grammar; and less on writing an actual essay. Again; you have to weight whether you prefer writing essays; or if you prefer grammar exercises. But keep in mind; sometimes there might be an essay part of the internet exam too. There is no guarantee you will get it replaced by grammar exercises.

I think the ultimate decisions is based on what kind exams the university you are applying for accept, and what kind of exam is easiest for you to attend. I have recently started a blog at BlogSpot How to Survive the TOEFL exam. I hope this gave you some ideas of what you might expect from the TOELF, and how to practice for it.

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