Monday, June 14, 2010

TOEFL Speaking Part 1

if  I could have any job in the world, I would love to be guide for tourists. There are many reasons that I would choose this job.
1. First of all,I would often travel! I like very much to go in places that I have never been there before.
 Moreover, I would speak 5 or 6 languages fluently! This would significantly expand my horizons.
For these two reasons and even more I would want to choose this job.

2. At what age should a person be allowed to drive? Use reasons to support your response.
In my opinion, a person should be allowed to drive at the age of 25. There are two reasons that I believe that.
Firstly, it should be based on the skill of the person. A person at the age of 25 has the physical ability to co-ordinate his brain with his body.
Furthermore, an individual at the age of 25 has reached an age of maturity to drive affectively.
However, everybody is different at any age… For example, there are some people that I don’t think should ever drive!

3. What is the best excuse to give your teacher when you have not done the homework? Use reasons to support your reasons.
If I haven’t done my homework I think of some excuses! Some examples follow bellow.
Firstly, the phrase: “Oh, no! I forgot it!” is a common excuse as we have a lot of things to do everyday.
Secondly, the phrase: “Did we have homework?!... I didn’t note it down!” is a human excuse because sometimes people are absent-minded.

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