Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Eight TOEFL Listening Tips : Practice makes a Student Perfect

1. Practice make Perfect;

There should be a lot more practice. There is no way to get a better result, but much more practice. Read and listen to the corresponding video. Again, read that passage without listening. Experience with sound.

2. Ask  without afraid 

In the dialog or interview, never afraid to say, " Could you repeat,please?" or " I 'm sorry, I didn't catch that " You  should understand the questions to answer.

3. Learn New Words

You should learn new words and enrich your vocabulary. When you get new words you should take notes and find it in dictionary.

4. Expression Intonation of the Speaker

Take care of facial expression of a person while talking. In exam it is very much important. You can get the idea about total expression of any discussion. You have to follow the way of talking (certain, uncertain, angry, happy, serious or joking) Place of Talking is another important think.

5. Shorting Words

Some Shorted word is used in English talking.  Thought this varies places you have to take knowledge about this.

6. Phrase and Idioms

Many Phrases and Idioms is used in talking.

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