Thursday, July 29, 2010


Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

It is more important to give students prizes or awards for their efforts than foe their achievements.

In my school, students just the most important award. I dislike this very much. I believe that students should be awards and prizes just for trying, not only for victory.

Set prices for students who are trying to help increase their confidence level. After more confidence to ensure 
that students are better in the future.When all the students who are struggling to get awards, trophies or prizes,
you realize that even though they were not at first, are still winners. This trust will encourage them to try as hard as they can. For Example, my school gives credit for every student who tries hard, regardless of his voice. This makes students proud of their achievements. This can only help in the future.

Even the worse students will try harder if they know they can be rewarded for the effort. This method of including all students should motivate students to participate in the class. Many teachers complain that some students have nothing in their classes. The reason is that they have no incentive to try. They just know that is never first. However, if those same students know that I could get a reward from experience, will work most likely. Although not do great things, will do more than it was before. This will benefit not only for students of lower rank, but still increase the level of performance and the whole class.

In short , school should reward students for trying, and not only give prizes to the best graduates. This will help students, gain confidence and to encourage students to try harder for the worst. This feeling of award of the 'ideal for all schools.

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