Sunday, February 13, 2011

An overview of TOEFL Exam section

To read the reading section definitely helps a lot, but it is also important to know what kind of reading helps more. Normally, the TOEFL test, experiments and research results from shared reading section. So try to read and understand this type instead of fiction.

For the writing section, students often try to impress the examiners with a remarkable vocabulary and sentence structure of atypical and ends a lot of mistakes, so I think that students are not sure of the spelling and use the appropriate word in the sentence should be avoided. Try to be simple, but to things. Keep well-organized. Read about it and understand it. Think before you type. Write the key points for the gross. This will help when writing the final draft.

To speak, the student should practice expressed the view that the principles, ideas, and not just sympathy or aversion. The practice says that a wide range of topics. Do not try to make a complex sentence. Express what I feel easy.

For music CDs, audio tapes are available in the market practice of listening to the audio tape is better than watching TV, as you prepare for the real test of audio listening.

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