Sunday, February 13, 2011

Five tips for your help in TOEFL Exam

Use active voice in your response:

What is the active voice is more responsive to questions. How ever you may need passive.


You must be hungry for connection (and, but, because, etc.) bugs. The review has to do most students are phrases and errors compound.

Good Grammatical structure:

Be careful in making prayer. It is possible that errors in a single structure, if .. as well .. etc. .. I think that some students on the TOEFL to such errors.

Suitable  Coma and end point

properly use a comma, semicolon, period. Misuse can change the meaning of the sentence.

Examples of using The

And the structure of the essay contains a plan of the entire process and the appeal is a map for each medium (or body) of this paragraph. The sentence should tell the reader about what he has to debate, as well as the status on the ground that supports the statement of work.

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