Sunday, February 26, 2012

How to take a discussion in TOEFL?

Be vigilant. - Watch the body language of the person you are talking about. Do you have eye contact? It was interested, bored or boring, what do you say? Does he / she is often looking for? He / she does talk about something else while? If you notice that he / she is angry or bored, gradually changing the conversation, or strongly asked / her question (such as the determination of his stuff) to something else. If you see the other person must be respected as well. Perhaps you know that you are viewing is undesirable personality.

To make a call

Listen carefully. - Does he / she advises not agree with your views, or do not like the topic of conversation? (He / she may not be loud enough but his / her intonation and word choice should be to get the hint.) He tried / it, the theme to change anything he / she is more relaxed with? If so, let that person to take control of the conversation, even for a while. In any case this is not a good idea to steer the conversation. People enjoy the conversation more if it is for them and what they want. If you wish to extend the conversation to them than to you.

Knowing when to be silent. - Sometimes the best answer "yes" or not, but silence is especially if you are not sure which side is a person, if you do not know how to answer the question, it suffices to state their shoulders with a smile or return into the question of the person who wants to hear his / her judgment for the first time.

Conversation Tips

A respectful attitude and opinion. - Whenever possible, try to sensitive issues that may prevent the arguments. However, if another person who raised the issue, do not forget to respect his / her opinion on the subject. It may be that some of the topics of conversation, you and another person have opposing views. Give me your hand, but not to him / her to exist. Let him / her do his / her country without any harm to you. People want to talk about people liberal.

Be positive. - Often smile and help you. This will break the ice and make the other person more open. Try to negative when we on issues of self and to avoid talking to the other. People are people, of course, hopefully. Use your sense of humor to lighten the atmosphere. Make sure that your jokes clean and not those that are abusive available to everyone.

Do not put people on trial. - Do not ask a bunch of questions, including those that are personal, not so much to give the impression of the interview. Let people open their personal lives for you, as an alternative for you, you take away from them.

Be sincere. - Even if the human being as a compliment, they will be grateful for those who are sincere. If you really believe that his / her hair in disorder, not even to think congratulate him / her that it does not humiliate or insult him / her.

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